Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Candidate to Voter – You’re all dead.

The days of assuming a certain middle of the road, sanitized approach to communicating is the best for branding, ROI and an eventual inspiration to act are over. There’s simply too much communication out there for the bland, boring overly wordy, safe place style of communication to matter anymore. The world we live in is bombarding us with messages at an ever-increasing pace from an ever-increasing number of sources.

Emails, reinforce texts, that reinsert themselves via Bluetooth enabled pop up ads, pre-roll video storms across our web searches, content marketing attempts to fool us into believing you care and television and radio advertising, (aren’t those cute) bombard us without stopping and that is just skimming the surface. The end result is that our over connectedness makes us actually less connected to the information we’re bombarded without cessation.


The answer is largely because all of that noise is inauthentic. The secret isn’t a big idea, versus 1000 little micro targeted ideas, but rather a real idea and a real unvarnished conversation about not just what you are, but authentically who you are.

In short, what we need is more HUMAN-TO-HUMAN communication.

Even though we swim through a vast sea of impersonal and overbearing communications we’re actually dying for something real and authentic to quench our communication thirsts.

The ramifications of this for brands or government entities is clear, no one wants to hear from a giant nebulous organization dispelling cookie-cutter noise. It’s even more relevant for political campaigns, which is essentially one person communicating to a larger group of people. Politician’s ratings are hovering at historic lows across the board. So, I promise the last thing people want to hear is some overly safe series of bland messages that someone believes is actually reinforced by the insertion of a random newspaper headline endorsement.

(Making newspaper headlines in ads stop is another story, but a conversation worth having)

Here’s the deal. Communicate from your campaign exactly like you would when speaking to a friend. Use research to make informed decisions, but be REAL, be EMOTIONAL, have a story to tell that is honest and insightful and quit being so damn scared of being a human, instead of just some high scoring polling bullets.