Meet Jim Mowrer

Most campaign videos feature candidates sitting down speaking directly to camera for 3-5 minutes about their background and reasons for running. We agree and disagree with this. While it’s vitally important that a candidate get his or her story out quickly in video format to give voters a feel for them, nothing could be more detrimental than a long video featuring someone droning on at the camera for 3-5 minutes. It’s simply not the world we live in. The brain isn’t conditioned to pay attention to boring things. Blame evolution, blame social media, blame the hyper connectivity of today’s media environment, blame what and whomever. The reality is, that you either hook a viewer immediately or not at all. Therefore, what we should never do is lose a chance to inject some powerful, emotion-filled, visual content that gives a candidate and campaign some context and helps truly personalize why they want to help lead the country.

In 2014, we’ve got the distinct honor of working with veteran Jim Mowrer in his effort to unseat Steve King in Iowa’s 4th district. To help him kick off his campaign we produced this video in direct contrast to the way normal campaign videos are created.

Enjoy and support a great American: