Creativity Vs. Big Data

The buzz word of the day is “data” – big data in fact.

The Obama campaign’s usage of data in a way never before seen in campaigns has made it part of what campaigns, especially new ones, discuss and want answers for.

While much of this technology (algorithmic buying, by cross referencing large amounts of consumer data in addition to the voter file) in traditional media purchasing (Radio, Television) is not yet applicable for campaigns because of cost constraints, we should not lose focus on what makes media consumable in the first place – CREATIVITY.

What use is delivering the right message to the right person if that message is so incredibly boring that the intended recipient simply ignores it? The answer is none.

While we should always focus on increasing the effectiveness of our ability to place messaging in the right place, doing so at the expense of solid creative is a strategic mistake.

It’s about the story and how well you can tell it.

It’s about the emotion – stupid. ☺

The question isn’t data or creative, analytic or otherwise, it’s both. An overreliance on either simply decreases effectiveness and ROI.