Running Video about Running for Office?

For everyone who thinks producing a running video about running for office is super clever here are a few thoughts:

  1. If the candidate is a man, please have something masculine on. Gym clothes generally aren't cool, flattering, or leadership inspiring. 
  2. Very few people have a running form that is actually a complimentary body movement for them. Couple that with the fact that many politicians(not all) but many, were anti-athletes, and you have a perfect recipe for goofy. 
  3. Bench Press, be able to knock out at least 100 push-ups, mind your estrogen level and lower your body fat. There is nothing less inspiring than a male candidate w/ the dreaded bouncing man boobs. Looking like he should be advertising the bro, or the mansirre, doesn't win any votes. 
  4. Don't. Running because your running is not clever, or creative. 

Watch the video here.